November 8, 2015

Spooky Scary: Bones Lingerie

So it's September, and I'm trying to not be a bum about my to-do list for once. Lingerie for Halloween. Sugar Lace releases some absolutely adorable pumpkin knickers, which are perfect, as my first intention for a Halloween costume is a pumpkin. But alas, silk strikes again, as it often does in the world of lingerie. The hunt is back on.  Enter these adorable Bats and Stars High Waist Panties from Bones Lingerie. Sheer lace? $26? I am basic and I am in. (I also requested a custom bralette from another company, with bat appliques to match, but apparently it never came to fruition...? Cool)

I received them about 2 weeks before Halloween (go me) and used the time to give it a good field test. Results may vary.  On a few good notes, these are pretty comfy, pretty cute, pretty seasonal, and pretty affordable.  They stayed in place through a day of work for me, with minimal riding and wedgie.  The lace and cotton panel feel a little bit coarse to the touch. I'm not the best with materials, but I can say, the printed cotton does feel a bit like a tablecloth.  I found it to be very thick. It doesn't move well with the body. On the upside, it feels completely fine on, and gives the tummy a little bit of camouflage by filling in small cracks and crevices. Wearers be warned, the tag is in the front, is large, and is thick. It will move. It will bunch. I will probably be removing it within the next few days.

The lace is a funky floral pattern, which I honestly didn't notice until like yesterday? When I looked at this picture. In my mind, flowers don't seem to go with bats, but then again, I didn't know what the fuck was on there until I had to talk about it. It's been a whirlwind of a month and my brain hasn't been on its best behavior.  Not to worry. Between a terrible day of work and some jubilant Night's festivities, Halloween gave it a very strong, pungent punishment.

My only qualm with these pants is: I don't think they're gonna last. And trust me, as a girl who guiltily can mainly afford F21 and thrift clothes, that's not something that has ever held me back. I don't spend money on clothing expecting it to last. However, I feel differently about my lingerie. After wearing once and washing once, in a lingerie back on the delicate cycle, things is losin' it.  As can be seen, the stitching is unraveling along the waistband, as well as along the gusset.  I pulled on these a bit in the hopes that it was just free ends that hand been hidden at first, but, lemme tell you: they're not.

On one hand, you get what you pay for. $26 is a fine price for some handmade panties imo, especially seasonal ones. On the other, I have $5 Target panties I've been wearing since high school that have lasted longer and held up better. Bottom line: would I order from Bones Lingerie again? Most likely. Handmade novelty panties are my jam, especially to the tune of $26. And there are some real Virgin Mary ones calling my name with a chorus of angels.
Slug contemplates some naughty life choices

September 8, 2015

Swim: Origami Customs

I sit down to write this review with a heavy hand. Here it is, Labor Day, the unofficial End of [summer] Days, and I am only just posting a review on this bikini top. Because I only just got back from vacation. And that was the first time I got to wear it (as a swimsuit, at least).

This summer has been kind of a wild ride. I transitioned jobs right at the start, to one that is further away and pays significantly less. I took this job expecting to move out of state in a month, in a state of personal crisis. I was only trying to financially bridge the gap. In luck's true fashion, we had that ripped out from beneath us with just a month's warning. Thus followed a wild scramble for a house, which we had to put more money down for to secure, and bam! My bank account is empty, I'm trying to nest this house while being gone ten hours of the day, and never have days off with my dear housemate... This summer went stale quick, to say the least.

But now that the dust has settled, I am emerging from the ashes happier, supported, and ready to Do More Stuff. Hey ya'll. Check this out. Origami Customs is super fucking cool, super aware, and super accommodating brand, focusing on serving queer/trans shoppers and all others alike. Read the Lingerie Addict's interview with Rachel, or check the faq on her website! She manages to make custom-tailored inclusive clothing, keeping sustainability and ethics in mind, and not charge out the back door.

This top was given to me as a gift from my love, thinking that something different and wire-free, yet still supportive, would put some balm on the burn of my recent breast growth. I'd camped out on Origami Customs' Etsy for a while last summer, eying a high-waisted bathing suit bottom, and as winter progressed I noticed the variety of stuff Rachel was starting to make. Her shop only grew, and by spring, I knew I had to have something from her. Enter the Full Support Reversible Bikini top.

I ordered this top in mid- to late-May, and I think I got it at the end of June, or maybe the beginning of July... I can't recall.  I'd estimate it took about five/six weeks to get here, which I consider pretty reasonable: first of all, she gives you a heads up; second, I ordered a custom suit in May. I get what I deserve for procrastination. Also, it's about $40 for a custom-made, reversible top - that's like two swimsuits for my lazy ass. It's a steal.

I chose black and cherry blossom for mine (as you can see). Originally I'd requested the ties to be cherry blossom as well, but Rachel messaged me to let me know she didn't have enough to do that and asked if black would be okay (of course). I also let her know my underbust and bust measurements, and the bra size I was doing. And as you can see, the results were pleasing.

The first time I wore this was not for swimming, but for a bra under a see-through halter at work. Nine hours of security and comfort is what I got. You're not going to get the same amount of lift out of this top as you would one with underwire, obviously, but the security is worth it. The cross-back style keeps the suit tight on the body, without putting all the weight on the neck as most halter tops would. That being said, you still definitely get some digging on the skin around the neck and shoulders, which is a necessity when trying to tightly secure weight. Not really a big deal. I wore this top for at least five hours straight at the beach with little irritation.

Getting into the top is a little confusing at first. There's a lot of strap to go around. The straps are anchored at the top of the triangles, the go across the back and through little loops on the outer corners, pictured below. The loop is the dominant fabric folded over and sewn down. The straps then meet on the back to tie, cinching the front to the body and keeping it firmly in place without being tight on the back.

Above all, this top is so, so comfortable. Nothing digs in, nothing itches, nothing needs constant readjusting...It stays where I put it and keeps the tits close by. I could easily Baywatch up the coast and feel secure that my tits won't come out anywhere, even if they join in with the full body jiggle. In fact, if there weren't fifteen shark attacks on the coast this summer, on top of a few sightings while we were out there, I would've given this top the nip-slip body-surf contest with confidence. I never felt that I was coming out of it, which is more than I could say for the other top I brought, a Freya halter with wire.

All in all, my gripes are meek and few. I've worn this maybe five days in total now, and while the structure has been sound as shit, I notice that around the edges of the suit where the two sides meet, the stitching seems pulled pretty tight. Like it may come loose in the future. I'm not too worried about it, and it would be an easy fix. That's something only time will tell, tho. Also, there's some weird brown schmutz on the cherry side, right smack in the middle of the suit, that I can't lift out. It's been there since the first time I put it on. I will go ahead and give the maker the benefit of the doubt there and assume I fucked up somewhere in storage, because it is in my nature...I just wish I knew where. And a better way to try and get it off.
schmutz, front n center

Nipple visibility may be an issue with this suit depending on the color or fabric you choose (there's like 27!!), if that's something that matters to you. Personally, I don't give a shit. Either way, you can add bra cups or padding to most of her stuff. Customization and endless accommodation! Padding might also be something to look into if you want any sort of shape or lift from this top. It's great for support, but I don't love the natural shape of my breasts, and if you don't either, you might not favor the way this looks on you. Wide breasts, when supported without shaping, just get wider, and due to my reduction, my breasts are as wide as the were pre-op without the pendulous length. I would be cautious for those who truly define full-busted, because without the support of a wire, the weight from the chest will still be anchored on the upper back. Fuck a halter top, it's definitely better than that. But this might not be life-changing for those with a lot of tissue in their pockets. I do think this top would be great for those who have  bigger band sizes, though. Because the weight is distributed through-out the strapping on the back, there would most-likely be a lot less digging from straps and wire alike, and a smoother look overall.  If that's what you're going for.

After building this post, I'm not loving my body right now.  But I do love this top!  Hopefully my size stays stable enough that I can wear this for many years to come. It'd be fucking amazing to wear a bikini top for two summers in a row. Until next time, stay warm! Winter blows.

August 26, 2015

Basics: Chantelle's Intuition Demi

Is it a basic? I didn't buy this bra with the intention of it becoming a basic, but why the fuck not. I can't shut up about it. Sidenote: excuse the weird rose mess. I am in an endless search for a way to photograph when I don't yet have lighting and always seem to live on the shady side of the street.

The Intuition came to me in a box of new stock for the store I work at. It was unexpected. It was unanticipated. And yet, within minutes of cracking that cardboard open, it was on my body. I think I bought it the next day. This bra usually retails at $88, but thanks to a discount that is well on its way to emptying my bank account, I got it for somewhere about $70(and with the gentle, helping hands of my sugar daddy xoxo).

The first try-on did not have me sold. I've been told to always size up a cup with Chantelle, so I first put on the plunge style in a 32F and immediately forgot how to breathe. It was beauty, comfort, and in one of my favorite colors. When I put on the demi next, I found the center wires on the demi came up much higher, practically to the top of the cup, and at first dug in to my chest. Albeit it was my only gripe, but I'm not too into sacrificing comfort for my tits anymore. The more I was moving around, however, the less I felt it. What turned me into a demi girl, you ask?

Look at this thing.

This bra gave me what I didn't even know was my dream shape. I am lifted and supported by strong construction and tough wires, but not in a cakes-on-a-plate, rest-my-chin-on-my-tits kind of way. Usually bras that lift me up lead to a lot of sadness and discomfort about the size of my chest. They don't allow me to hide it as well, and tend to showcase it in an attention-grabbing sort of way. The Intuition demi does not. I have worn this bra under everything: t-shirts, camis, nice dresses. It never shows. The floral detailing is gentle and smooth enough to stay under the radar. The fabric of the cups can feel scratchy to the fingertip, but I promise it's nothing short of forgettable and lovable on the skin.

As you can see in the photos, the wire tends to stay out of the crease beneath my breasts. No matter how often I hitch it up again, it doesn't stay. This doesn't bother me, though. I find no lack of support, and it's a problem that I encounter with a lot of my bras. Because of the way my belly is shaped and how long my breast tissue continues below the crease, it's difficult to stay up without being overly tight. It also creates a fold I couldn't convince myself to live with. I will say that some of my attempts to hike it up have left the top of the cup a little stretched out, harm no foul.

The bikini doesn't drive me crazy, mainly because I wish I'd gotten the Large instead of the Medium (although eating a whole pot of chili before shooting probably don't help). I tried them on in the middle of the store in a hurry, hoping the purchase would be over before I thought about it too much. This fit would be acceptable to most people, but I hate having edges dig in. I have a wider middle than my hips, so I usually size up to accommodate that. Avoiding that dig usually leaves me with a heavy dose of diaper butt, or conversely, low rise panties that come half-way up my back. Luckily, the teeny dig doesn't change the comfort of these (as it usually doesn't). The front has a mock sheer panel with floral details to match the bra, and the rear is the softest cotton-y blend, with a light sheen to it.

This bra has held up through several days a week of wear, with only one washing. I worship this bra. This is the first time buying two identical bras has ever made sense to me. I especially adore the milk/pink colors that this range comes in, so look out - it'll be the first time this vegan slathers milk on herself in a few years.

July 18, 2015

Independence Bae: Tardy Edition

It is late, you say? Two weeks late, you say? Whatever. This bra is purple and the panties are pink. Nothing on Earth is right. 

Like baseball to your grandparents, holiday-themed lingerie is a favorite pastime of mine, and a quintessential part of any family get-together . In fact, any excuse to stare at things that I might be able to buy is a good one. Themes give me an object of affection, something to hone in on, and something to talk about. It gives the hunt purpose. Oh, if only it were for a better holiday.  The United States is undeniably something to be unexcited about, unenthused, uneasy....Except on the Fourth of July!!! Yeah!! Beers! Flags! Fireworks!!! Consume!!!! Deplorable.

On top is the Passionata Mon Amour Demi in a 32E, and it's a pretty good, albeit purpley, bra. It fits pretty true to size. The lace on it is gorgeous, imitating a crown of floral ivy around the top of the cup, and filtering and fading down the breast.  The material spills up along the top of the cup and up the straps in a gentle, lazy scallop, creating a gorgeous frame around the chest plate. I like those scalloped straps. I like those scalloped straps so much, in fact, that I wore this bra under a backless romper. What I don't love, upon this photo-quality inspection, is that the lace is already pilling after one wear. Not even under a t-shirt!! Under rayon, or some other similarly smooth fabric! That's not so nice. It hasn't even been washed yet.
Anyways, they traded out standard bows where the straps meet the cup for gold clasps (are those clasps? What are they?) and an accent of periwinkle elastic that matches the center bow.

I honestly didn't purchase this bra with the highest of expectations. I figured, cute bra, seems blue, one more thing checked off my to-do list? Chill. It ended up being better than I expected! I don't get as much lift as I like out of this bra, but with just a center seam, it's more than adequate. My breasts look like I imagine they would if I had perfectly round boops and didn't wear a bra; they sit at a healthy level, with a controlled amount of natural movement. I spent this Fourth at a wedding celebration, playing wiffleball in nice clothing and drinking from a Natty Bo Keg, and this bra stayed by my side, hugging me tight as I slipped and slid barefoot through three-rains'-worth of mud.

~*~bug bites and stubble~*~
The knickers are handmade by Egretta Garzetta,  one of two pairs I had made. The fact that I didn't realize they were pink and white til they arrive is pretty embarassing - the item was literally titled "Striped panties. Pink and white colors. High style panties." What can I say? I was blinded by patriotism.

As far as panties go, these are pretty basic. They're mostly viscose rayon, so they are soft, light, and easy to forget about - three things I love. A lot of times, when panties have strong elastic on the waistband or leg openings, we don't mix well. They slip over or under my jelly roll, ride up my ass, wedge deep in the crack (no, the other one) between my legs and torso. I have very soft body sections that are not so soft where they meet, so that crack is an easy space for fabric to slip into, dig in, get stuck, and suck. Is that a fault of the underwear? No, not necessarily. But I did feel, that for panties tailored to my body measurements, the elastic on these was a little disproportionately tight. Not just around the leg, but at the waist as well. It's not uncomfortable if I can't see it; but visually? Ouch. I also felt like these were a little low for something claiming to be high waist. With high-waist, panties, I expect them to at least hit my belly button, especially since I've got quite a short torso. Or perhaps,  high style is just that. High end? I didn't even know the luxury I was getting myself into...

These are small gripes in a big bad world of comfort, though. These didn't move all day, except for the elevator ride they were on that was my potty breaks with that keg available but mostly hidden from everyone but me. And while they look a little tight on my bare body, under a smooth, flowy outfit, they did a good job providing a gentle smoothing for my jellies.

I really struggled with this shoot. I have gained some weight over the past month, I hadn't showered in a few days, and oh my god, can you see that spider bite crater that refuses to heal? On my right thigh? But then I look at these gorgeous undies and my cute lil pup. Shit, look at how they flatter me swinging that baseball bat. Look at that shit-stance. Tell me that's not album cover material. Baseball. Apple pie. Puppy kisses. Bye ya'll.

May 10, 2015

Birthday Wishin'

My birthday was this past week! Making last week my birthday week. I am worth celebrating throughout seven days. I'm worth a whole month, if we're really being honest. Instead, in times that should have been spent laying in bed, I spent my birthday going to work and training the dog and sleeping way too little. I can't believe it took 23 years for the novelty of my birthday to wear off. Adulthood has been fucking amazing.

In an ideal birthday week, here's what I would have lounged around in if my sugar daddy were rich and I didn't have to work:

Bordelle's Angela Dress 

 Much like the rest of Bordelle's Signature line, or anything else from them, the Angela Dress pulls inside my gut and makes me gasp. I take two firm handfuls of blanket and close my eyes and wish three times that I were wearing this with Louboutins and black trench over it, grinding the heel of my shoe into the chests of men who may/may not worship me. In reality, I don't imagine this would look as good as I'd prefer on me. My shape from the front is kinda straight, with most of the curve showing in my profile. And mainly in the tum. Not to say that I would ever turn this piece down if I were afforded the opportunity. It would make for gorgeous motivation.

Danielle Wood Starlet Set

 I've gone through two winters not having saved enough to get this set yet, but it usually spends several weeks left open in a tab, tempting me. Velvet easily makes my top ten list of fabrics, but most of the stuff I come across is in the form of weird gowns at the thrift store. I've found a few exceptions, with a pair of velvet Mary Jane's that I recently broke, and a red long-sleeved velvet dress, with the latter leaving my closet rotation by February. It's a really toasty fabric.
Danielle Wood has taken basic cuts and made them look/feel more lustrous and cozy, and her color choices are perfect. The color above, "rust", is just one of a few rich colors this set comes in, along with more than one style option for the bra and panty. After poking around on her Etsy shop, and then ending up on her website in the lookbooks, it's clear she's got a real good eye for displaying her work in such a satisfying, crisp, and beautiful way. I'm not even trying to suck up. I would hang images from her lookbook in my home.

Edge O'Beyond Naomi set

The link only takes you to the bra, but is that not enough? Take my word for it on this one and don't go any further if you're not already in a place where you pay someone else to clean your house. This seemingly simple set tops out at above $200, and with good reason. Each piece of this set has 18 ct gold-plated rings, for attaching chains to, and the suspender clips are 24 ct gold-plated. Also, in case you didn't notice, the whole set is gold. Not metal, but more beautiful still. The combination of the lace and tulle scoops this set up and takes it about then steps past perfect. Edge O' Beyond is a young brand, but I'm praying hella hard that they last well beyond the mythical time when I start making six figures. This is honestly the set I've always dreamed of.

ID Sarrieri Boudoir Chemise

What's better than wearing nothing at all?? Wearing almost nothing at all!
I'm not usually a fan of chemises due to my lumpy-ish, shapeless-ish body. They tend to hang on me like they would on a hanger, piling on the wrong bits and hiding the good bits. I imagine the solution to that would be just to wear something that's 96% transparent, right? When the bunches collect, everything will show through to my figure except a few artful black lines at the folds, maybe looking whispy, easy, lucky, free. I wanna be buried in this thing. The lace is just too painfully delicate, teasing it's way around and framing the goodies.

What Katie Did Cabaret set in Peach

It's classic. It's partially sheer. It's like a more risque verson of children's clothes, or a retro bathing suit. This bra actually reminds me a lot of the Claudette Paramour bra, in shape and construction, besides the lack of bow. Sans bow, it looks a lot more clean, sophisticated, and makes me wanna bounce around in ruffled socks a little bit. Here's hoping!

Kris Soonik Kristel Polo Shirt

When I look at this work of art, I hear my stepmom's voice in the back of my head, clear as it was in that Kohl's dressing room in 8th grade, saying, "And when would you wear that?" And Val, the answer is, I don't care. I'll wear it with a tennis skirt. I'll wear it to a job interview. I'll wear it with a pair of stocks, and I will wear it as a foxxxxxxxx.
The classic polo, naturally neutral as clothing, gets blown out of the water with the feminine touch of the poufed sleeves, the curved bodice, and of course, the suspenders. I don't even like polo shirts nine times out of ten. That one out of ten is my partner, coming home from work with a good pair of khakis. But this polo is a major game changer. And honestly? It might change the way I look at a polo the next time I come across one (it won't).
This one I came across several years ago, as a baby undie junkie, just realizing how big the world was beyond Victoria's Secret. The impression it made on me has lasted. There is so much out there, and so many people working to design and share even more. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

My birthday may have ended, but this wishlist has barely just begun. Before it gets out of hand, I'll leave myself with something my brother used to say to me any chance he got:
"Patience is a virtue."
It's important.

May 4, 2015

Basics: Natori Feathers

Another bra I picked up in the Journelle sale was one I'd been spying on for a minute, one that seemed pretty failsafe: The Natori Feathers contour bra. This bra had been in my sights for a while now, as I haunted sale colors, read review upon raving review, trying to not allow myself to buy something I don’t need. And now that I have it, I feel like I can safely say that I did, in fact, need it.

Honestly, I didn’t ever see myself buying a plunge bra. It seemed like a good way to have my tits spilling out and mashing together into dreaded cleavage. Bless it, this bra spares me that. And if I weren’t addicted to crew necks and button-downs done to the top, this would be great for a low v-neck or some low neck formalwear, if I ever had reason to wear any…The point is, this bra rules. It has tiny delicate details that make it a beauty, like the power-mesh overlay on the cups, and the embroidering that covers most of the band and edges, and on top of all that aesthetic goodness? It's got amazing comfortable support. This bra keeps my tits at a good level all day, and firmly in place at that. Most times I forget I'm wearing it. Part of me thinks I could have afforded to get one cup size larger, but maybe that's just the symptoms of impeding blood storm. Maybe I should have spared the update on that, but let's be realistic with ourselves here. This blog is supposed to be an honest space.

With my new size (32E/32DDD), I’m still getting used to breaking in bras, and having the band cause indentations around my torso. Clothing digging in is something I’m mad picky about, even in the tiniest amounts,  but I think the paramount issue here is comfort: Is the band uncomfortable, or am I just being a baby about soft skin moving? Nine times out of ten, it’s the latter. I might (read: I'm not going to) start leaving post-its all over my room reminding me to love my squish, or otherwise work towards defeating it. Which one is harder? Whatever. Life’s too short to not be soft in delicious lingerie. 

Natori Feathers gets my worthless seal of approval! Hopefully the coupon code gods will bless me with an opportunity to get the matching undies at a later date, or maybe try out the front-close t-back version. I drool over a good front closure a boxer with a bone.

Basics: Gossard Glossies

What with this being the first few breaths of lingerie babble into the Internet, I figured the best place to start with my buying is at the foundation – the basics. The skin tones n blacks. The comfies.

And then Journelle did that Free the Girls campaign with the 20% off codes for donating your ill-fitties, and, God, do I have ill-fitties. There are piles of bras all over my room that look laughably bad on me, with straps that slip off and backs that slide up and spillage everywhere, but they’re so lovely…It’s hard to part with. I’ve spent disgusting amounts of time finding these pieces, and then convincing myself it’s okay that I bought them. Just to get rid of them? It feels like a betrayal. I wanted to ensure they’d end up in good hands. Journelle gave me that security, and also an excuse to buy more.

I couldn’t help it. A good sale opportunity will suck me dry.  I can justify outrageous spending just based on how much I’m saving. $112.00 doesn’t sound so bad when it used to be $400.00.  Anyways, I figured it’d be a good opportunity to get a few things I’d had my eye on; a few easy, pretty, almost-boring pieces. And also two of the cheapest on the site.

One of those was this little number: the Gossard Glossies Moulded bra in "nude". "Nude" seems like an awful name for the shade of this bra, not only because of it ostracizing about ten billion other skin colors, but because of its namesake sheen. This bra seems almost metallic, like it should crinkle when it moves, or be rough on the skin. Luckily, my intuition fails me again.

I'd familiarized myself with Gossard and what they carry during a wild goose chase for the Phoebe set when it went on clearance last fall. After the beauty and joy that set brought into my life once it laid in my arms, I figured this would be a sturdy beauty basic. Also, I'm a sucker for that little gold label. Such a sucker for gold accents in general. Such a sucker for gold.

So far, I haven't been disappointed. For the most part. Although it's only been a month, and with no washing, this bra has held up as I hoped (and expected), and despite my life without antiperspirant, doesn't smell yet. The sheer fabric keeps my newly large tits very firmly in place, and also gives them this cool ethereal glitter. It kind of looks like my nipples have been drawn digitally and printed on to the bra, and no matter how much I bully lovers of scifi, I love that look. Future nipples. Space nipples. Can I pick up radio signals with these nipples? Probably not.

Most of my qualms with the Glossies are personal ones,  not really at fault of the bra. But since this is my space to spit bilge into cyberspace about lingerie, here they are:

This bra doesn't follow my ideal for shape. It's more of a secure fastening(practical. Like the future). It kinda smushes my boobs, making them wider than they already are and adding more smudge to my already smudged frame. Then again, they might be flattened, but they are flattened in place. I feel like I could accidentally go for a run in this thing and not realize for a good few blocks.

It doesn't give a great deal of lift. Again, not really what the bra was meant to do. However, it does come with a nice mesh wing on the outer side of the interior of both cups, to provide side support.

 And again, still struggling with band bulge. I'm wondering if I should try a 34 band, or if I'm being a baby.

As a basic though, I can go ahead and say that I put this bra on and melted a little bit it was so comfy. It doesn't work so well as a staple nude since it's transparent, but then again, maybe it's just more nude than the rest. The Real Nude.

March 18, 2015

And so it is born...

Due to unhealthy obsession that's probably driving everyone around me insane, I've decided to put the force that is my uncontrollable lust for lingerie into a corner it belongs: the Internet. Will this be just another lingerie blog? Maybe. 

I'm just a 22-year-old college graduate working a shit job, trying to stay afloat amidst the bills, the bullshit, and a decision to rebuild my lingerie collection from the ground up. After a little weight loss and titty gain, my straps started slipping and my backs started climbing, and one good bra fitting later? I'm a 32E, despite one breast reduction under my belt. 

Even though that breast reduction turned out somewhat unsuccessful, I've gotta give it props: I never felt that I could really fully celebrate the world of lingerie before it. My boobs felt huge, impossible, cumbersome, and in the readily-available world of lingerie (AKA the mall AKA hell), it seemed like there was no place for me. Coming out with a common bra size made everything seem easier, and opened the door for me to seek more: ~*~the internet~*~. I never looked back.

Here is my goal: to build a new collection comprised of the comfiest, prettiest pieces, for the best prices I can muster, and to share these pieces in an honest and body-positive way! I wanna love all my underwear and my body, and I want to inspire others to find and love their own! Feel free to ride along.