April 13, 2017

Easter's Golden Egg: Waking Up With Venus' Darcy Set

What’s that? A break in the radio silence?  After being unemployed for two months and bill catch-up for the two months after that, I finally have a job where I don’t have to exist teetering on the edge of empty bank account five days after payday. I now can- and will- indulge in my vices with only minimal guilt.

Wondering about that extra tiny body up there in this very goofy set of photos?
One thing I find tough with lingerie reviews is the sheer diversity of body types – one person can tell me how something fits for them, but I often wish I could see sets on a wide selection of body types, like how Ewa Michelak does.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole crew willing to investigate and finance lingerie with me, aside from the lovely ladies of the internet, but I have recruited my bff into our first matching set. Hopefully one of many. And while these shots might not be my best work, it was definitely the most fun shoot I've had for the blog so far. 

So how did Darcy and I meet? Came across this set on Insta, felt immediate butterflies. Came across a discount code, begging ensued, it got ugly, and then everything got real cute. A month or so later, we welcomed Darcy into the family.

A pastel shaded skirted brief?? Fabric described as "wet-look"?? This set has a great balance of a few different elements - the cuteness of pink ruffles and lavender, the toughness and weight of the wet look, the comfort of the seamed bralette, the class of the high waist and rosettes  – bringing together one pretty solid aesthetic.  Plus, you know I’m a buttsucker for anything with rosettes.

All items were made according to my measurements done back in January. At the time I advised for the bralette that I was a 30GG, because I figured I would be by the time it got there.  I may have some qualms with this bralette in terms of fit but they are meek and meager in comparison to how cute and comfy it is. The lavender base is trimmed with the baby pink elastic around the edges, with pink stitching about the band. The straps are two strands of pink satin elastic, with sliding adjusters in the front. Personally I prefer to adjust in the rear, but I can’t hate on anyone for that. 

On the face of the bralette are two vertical seams to provide some lift and shape. These don’t do anything for me, since they’re really the only structural seam on the bra besides where the pieces are sewn together.  In fact, the top of the seam creates almost a corner, which pokes out. Luckily, the darling little rosette at the center top pokes out further as camoflouge. Mainly I don't understand the placement of these seams; they seem too close to the center to do anything. First I thought that was just on the size of mine, but upon viewing my pal's, hers are also awkwardly centered. 

The only real fit issue I have with this bralette is that I wish there were just a little bit more space in the cup. I've gone down in size a bit since January, which is the first time that happened without a knife and stitches involved. I've actually gotten quite into a new lifting routine, which was some of the inspiration for this shoot..if you want to call this visual product inspired. Anyways, the point being - there should be room enough for me in there. Unfortunately, after wearing for about ten minutes or so, I end up with a quad boob spilling out. Although in this case, I guess it's only a double boob, since bralettes give uniboob, and.......

The high waist ruffle brief is my favorite – but only in theory.  The brief is made of that wet-look fabric as well, basically meaning it’s a little heavier weight and has a sort of deep sheen to it. Lavender fabric makes up most of it, with the pink elastic around the legs, and one pleated ruffles attached to the waist. Being that they’re all the same fabric, the ruffles are a little weighty, but thick enough to hold their own without drooping. They’re sewn into pleats right along the waistband, which makes the band feel a little thick and heavy duty. Elastic runs around the interior of the waistband and leg holes as well.

For briefs that were also done to custom measurements, I was honestly a little disappointed by the fit of these. I have only lost weight since I ordered these, but they still fit pretty tight, and there’s nothing that kills ~feelin myself~ vibes more than a waist that cuts in and thighs bulging out. To be fair, they don’t look as tight as they feel, and I believe part of that feeling comes from the amount of fabric sewn into the waistband restricting how much give the elastic actually has. Espeically since the bralette band doesn’t feel nearly so stiff. However, these look a lot better than they feel. The ruffle helps to disguise any digging, and I think it’s mostly the pressure of the band I feel, as opposed to actual tightness. However, I can't wear these for more than a few hours without feeling pretty uncomfortable. 

As for the views of my tiny counterpart, here are the main highlights:
  • "10/10 bralette cute as fuck". The bralette is definitely both of our favorite parts. That little fuckin rosette is great when using as a layering piece, and it's overall very comfy.
  • "would never buy panties again". Where mine are borderline too small, hers allow for ample diaper booty. Not a deal breaker, but not ideal.
  • "already coming undone - and I handwash like an angel". After her first wear stitching on the front, right hand side of the waist started to unravel. 

For overall impressions of this set and this brand, I still feel pretty great about it. It's a very unique set, handmade, at unbeatable price point. Sometimes, I feel like my reviews come off as brutally harsh, and I don't mean them to at all! Small designers like these are great for broadening a collection when you don't have the big bucks to spend on a diverse collection.  Because, let's face it - you're not going to find anything this cute on the rack at Victoria's Secret. And I've suffered far worse discomfort for beauty. This set was well worth the funds and the short wait time.

Most of all, I look forward to what else comes from Lindsey and her brand!